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For over 70 years, Chatham Neighborhoods and Chathambilt Homes have been designing and building some of the most sought-after residences in Atlanta. Now in their third generation, the Chatham family of businesses continues to build on a legacy of integrity and hard work.
Myles is an award-winning team builder with a keen eye for design and development opportunities. His ability to lead people to achieve both personal and team goals makes him a tremendously successful leader and coach.
He has the unique ability to see the larger picture without neglecting the details all while giving credit where credit is due. Myles is a gifted communicator with the ability to create a positive and productive environment within his team.
Myles consistently delivers high-quality work with acute attention to detail. His expert understanding of real estate, design, and project management helps him develop teams that both respect and trust him.
He brings a strong sense of positivity and believes in building strong relationships with business partners, team members, and co-workers.


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The Chatham Company exists to provide the best real estate experience possible by making each client feel like part of the Chatham family.

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